About us

We are AndromediA –  a hybrid company that consists of an advertising agency, a digital kingdom and a start-up launch pad. We are both digital and traditional. Well seasoned, yet young and fresh.

How do we do this?

All thanks to our team – A special group of talented people in various digital, creative and art fields, that create one productive cohesive unit and a one stop shop for all your marketing needs in the digital age.

They say hybrids are born with different genes to survive in a dynamic and changing world, and that’s exactly how we equipped ourselves in this ever changing world – We think results, breath creative and live technology. That’s how we dominate the advertising and marketing jungle. In today’s marketing and advertising landscape there is no room for one dimensional expertise, one field is correlates with another to create synergetic campaigns that make the most of your advertising budget.

We work fast while ensuring perfect quality control to establish clear objectives and result based campaigns. We give 110%  for the success of our many customers, which we prioudly call – Partners.


Our customers

Contact us

Office: Hayasmin 1, Beit Ziva, Campus Ramat Ef'al

: 03-7287730, Fax: 03-7167078

Email: office@andromedia.co.il