Digital Campaign Optimization

It’s no big secret that the world moves to digital formats. Unlike traditional media advertising campaigns, the enormous benefits that the digital world and New Media enables advertisers to obtain detailed results and statistics that helps Yitav the campaign. Digital campaigns allow contact only audiences and optimize during the campaign to create maximum value to the customer.
Facebook campaigns are divided into several categories:
Campaign likes – creating new likes and Expansion of the subsequent business pages
CPC lead generation campaign – Creating Traffic landing for the fulfillment of information and expanding the DATA BASE
CPI app download campaigns – ad regulations Bniozfid Facebook (mobile and desktop)
Engagement campaign – promoting relevant content creation segmented audiences intermingled with them.
Campaign using the app – encouraging the use and raising taxes Users (MAU, DAU)

Campaign performance is a campaign aimed at bringing the results according to the goals and purposes defined in advance and only charge for results, not for the media. Eg: campaign leads (pay per lead) campaign downloads (pay per download). As we begin a campaign pitch performance we get from the client to the target audience, what goals and what limitations. Then we will begin activities that includes gathering partners to enhance their campaign, the opening of tracking pixels, connected to the customer’s CRM, creating materials with an emphasis on the call to action. Quality partners receive an additional budget.