Content Marketing & SEO

Whether the story is interesting, cool quiz, blog or recommendations for content consumption, content-based marketing is gaining more and more place in the world’s major publication. The benefits of clear content-based marketing:
Starting from the fact that the application was directed at the audience interested in the content promoted through the commercial message so that under cover of the element content without the reluctance of consumers’ tired of commercials “to keen about organic and mostly text content search engines.

Sometimes our clients have written an article that they want to promote and we know work well with companies promoting content such as tabbouleh and Aaotbriin, and sometimes clients come with a simple request: “We want to be the first place on Google”. It does not happen overnight. The work process begins the advancement of keywords related to the service offered by a variety of variations to reach higher positions in the organic results Google returns a surfer. Keyword research important and most relevant and compute how many searches every word and assessing the level of competition. The study is managed through the use of special software when the end goal is to create a list of keywords in which we concentrate. Then we go through code optimization and site content, including the production of special reports which include all the necessary changes to the site suitability designated keywords.
Of course desirable to perform well in off-site optimization, with the planting of links and increasing online presence of the website. Mentions quality sites as well as links to those higher the trust level of the site and how it is perceived by the Google algorithm.