Strategy & Planning

Hflning department carries out market research, investigating the audiences and judges through a message has to appeal to those audiences in order to achieve the desired result. In other words, what should say.

Hflning Department is investigating the characteristics of the brand and its consumers using a variety of tools such as surveys, focus groups, interviews and more. Department Hflning penetrates into the consumer’s mind, to characterize the way he lives his brand. True, it definitely can be reached through quantitative and qualitative research that allow to get deep consumer insight, however, requires strategic planning “drop area”. To feel the needs and beliefs, and behavior of the final consumer activity over a long period, Planer often have to spend more outside the office than inside.

The bridge insights made during work Hflning allows the formulation of the strategy behind the marketing message. Only after a thorough understanding of the target audience, and the embedded value in the product / service that we publish, we can go to crack the correct language, both verbally and design, mode and switch our customers optimally.