Studio & Design

Branding process determines the graphic design across your business, the way you want customers to catch you and look at you, branding and graphic design effective are those that distinguish you in the face of competitors
And create added value that others will reflect market needs not provide your potential customers and your brand well.
Branding and graphic design define the identity of the business and its strategy to reflect that reflected in all marketing tools that it uses, as well Bfrsom-
ATL-ABOVE THE LINE as well as promotional activities – BTL-BELOW THE LINE.
There are a number of important steps in building the strategy:
– Identifying the added value of product-differentiation strengths and examining the competition marketing opportunities.
– Benefits values ​​of the product / service and the benefits to be derived from its use.
– Identification of the target audience
– Setting Goals and Objectives
– Messaging
– Courses of action
Hmsr- brand, a story, a sequence interacting with the audience, in fact embedded in branding and graphic design creating a visual picture correctly, with leading creative studios and creative from AndromediA not think outside the box, but the inventor of the box all the time.
Through branding and graphic design tailored marketing Strategies, we build our business’s brand language also includes the logo is influenced by its marketing slogan and a series of graphic designs with one moral identity,
Drive the target audience to action, creating a connection and brand loyalty and situations it at the top of the category and products at the top of the customer’s mind.