Web & App Development

Today it’s impossible to maintain an online presence without taking into account mobile. 60% of the traffic in the world is done in Mobile. The algorithm of Google search results filter sites are not optimized for mobile. Many websites perform a mobile adaptation, whether Responsive app or site that fits the dimensions and its visibility depending on the dimensions of the device \ screen where skiers.
Developing Android and iOS apps including strategic process of understanding what the customer together with the central value, which is seeking to target users of the application. So that people will want to use the app or mobile website using their experience should be pleasant and intuitive. To characterize user experience (UI / UX user experience & user interface). You have to understand exactly who the customer? Why and when he uses the product?
One of the important goals online marketing is customer acquisition ((Acquisition. A lot of efforts and campaigns are made to produce Downloads app. But what happens after a customer downloaded the app? The first step in customer retention is the process Onboarding (loading of the user) as that goes friendliness as easy, convenient and most It is important to most intuitive how to operate in the new environment in which it is located.